Meet Our Patients

July 18th, 2016 started like just another day.  The alarm went off, I showered, helped my husband get ready for work and cooked breakfast for my children.  Just another day.  Then July 18th went wrong.  Horribly, gut-wrenchingly, changed-my-life-forever, wrong.

My youngest child, Yani, walked into me just as I was taking a pot of scalding hot water off the stove.  I still cringe at the memory even now, months later.

Yani was taken to a hospital close to our home with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  Later that day she was transferred to Grady, the largest pediatric burn care provider in metro Atlanta and one of only two certified burn centers in the state.

Yani’s burns were not healing, and the doctors mentioned a possible skin graft.  My husband and I were devastated, but I knew that my 8-year-old was receiving the best care possible.

Amazingly, we were able to take Yani home a week and 2 days after being admitted.  I know this was possible only because of the great medical care she received at Grady.  The staff prepared us with everything we needed, even teaching us how to wash, dress, and wrap her bandages.

As happy as we were to be going home, I was actually a little bit sad to be leaving Grady because I met some truly fantastic people there. My family and I give sincere thanks and praise for what has to be the most caring, loving, hardworking, unbelievable hospital staff in Georgia.

Jody Banks

Doug Gjertsen is a former Olympic medalist, world-record holder…. and Grady patient.

In 2015, severe abdominal pain led Doug to the emergency room at his local hospital, where doctors were initially unable to diagnose his condition. His pain worsened, his kidneys failed and he went into septic shock. Doug’s doctors transferred him to Emory. It was there that he was referred to Grady’s Chief of Urology, Jeff Carney, MD, the doctor who would ultimately save his life.

Doug was diagnosed with a urethral stricture, a narrowing of the urethra that can be extremely painful and lead to life-threatening complications. He recalls that one of the first things that Dr. Carney said to him was, “You’re lucky to be alive. But whatever it is that’s wrong with you, I can fix it.”

Fortunately for Doug, Dr. Carney used the same kind of training, focus and expertise to address his condition as he used in the pool to achieve a world-record and win Olympic medals. His treatment included both major surgery and an outpatient procedure.

Fully-recovered and in “fantastic” health, Doug, who medaled at both the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics, is training the next generation of swimmers, including a woman who will be competing as part of the U. S. Olympic Team in Rio!

He is also sharing the story of his experience at Grady with others who need high-quality, specialized care. “I think that anyone should feel very confident with the care they will receive at Grady. The staff, nurses and doctors treat you with compassion from the moment you meet them and strive to give you an excellent outcome.”

Like many Atlantans, Doug drove by Grady weekly, never expecting to be a patient. Today, he is among those who realize the incredible impact the hospital has on the lives of those in our community.

Chrystal Davis with her daughter, Kennedy

After Chrystal Davis suffered five late-term miscarriages under the care of other hospitals, her 20-year dream of becoming a mother looked out of reach. Then she turned to Grady and Dr. Franklyn Geary, Morehouse Chief of Service, Grady Women’s Center. He’s an expert in complex, high-risk pregnancies, and his care made all the difference. “Dr. Geary’s personality is amazing. He is kind, patient and reassuring and kept telling me, ‘We’re going to have this baby.’ I came to Grady for my miracle — and I got it.”

Chrystal Davis with her daughter, Kennedy